Prof. Markku Kulmala, academician, directs Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research, professor at the University of Helsinki since 1996. He recently led the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Atmospheric Science - “From Molecular and Biological processes to the Global Climate” (2014-2019), and now he leads the Finnish Academy of Sciences Flagship “Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC)” (2020-2024). He is active in international initiatives to improve comprehensive continuous measurement networks all around the world including concept of SMEAR (Station for Measuring Earth surface – Atmosphere Relations) stations, and to solve air quality - climate change interactions. Kulmala has published over 1150 original research papers, 18 of which in Nature, 17 in Science and 7 in Physical Review Letters. According to the ISI Web of Knowledge, Mr. Kulmala was 1st in the Citation Rankings in Geosciences (since May 1st, 2011-2019). The total number of citations is over 58 800 (from over 20 000 different papers). H-factor is 119.