Prof. Jaana Bäck is working on biogeochemical cycles, terrestrial ecology and soil processes in boreal and arctic ecosystems, especially the feedbacks between ecosystems and atmosphere. She is contributing in developing national, European and global research infrastructures for integrated, long-term observations of Earth Systems. She is the coordinator of an H2020 Advanced community project ‘eLTER PLUS’ and a co-coordinator for the ESFRI process of the European Long-Term Ecosystem, Critical Zone and Socio-ecology RI. Prof. Bäck is leading the ‘Ecosystem processes’ -research group at the University of Helsinki (20 post-doc & senior researchers and >25 post-graduate students), and in charge of the ecosystem research at the SMEAR network. She is Academician in the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, one of the SMEAR Board of Directors and a member in the national IPBES panel and the national IPCC working group. She is author of >200 peer review papers in journals and books, and her H-index is 31.